BioHazard: Revelations (e-capcom) Limited Edition

Platform: 3DS
Edition: (e-capcom) Limited Edition
Format: Japan

Published by Capcom
Released in Japan on Jan 26, 2012 at a price of ¥8,990

The e-capcom limited edition of BioHazard: Revelations comes with a standard copy of the game and includes the following:

  • BSAA special over shoulder bag
  • Revelations report DVD

This edition is exclusive to the e-capcom store in Japan, Club 96 members received an additional 450 points for pre-ordering  this edition.

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  1. gurpswoo1:
    **Added BioHazard: Revelations (e-capcom) Limited Edition**

  2. ikanote:
    AHH!! I wish there someone who buy this for me from japan :'((((((

  3. Noha:
    Shipping it worldwide from Japan!

  4. vhal_x:
    Oh man, I really need to win the lottery tonight, I SO WANT THIS! But if I don't win the lottery, sadly, it'll never be mine xx

  5. Noha:
    Yeah this bag is really really neat

  6. Letrico:
    if only 3DS games are region free. Dammit.

  7. Ceohai:
    While not officially a CE, it looks like early copies of RE Revelations may be collectibles at some point.
    They're releasing the game with a pretty big typo on the box:
    Resident Evil: Revelaitons

  8. Twisted:
    i just bought this game with the "typo" along the spine of the game box...i'm not sure if i want to keep the game or return it, came with a promo item, a 3DS case, which looked glamorous hahahaha..on the website pic, but in reality it looks really flimsy and it's in a plastic bag, kinda like stuff you would pull out of a cereal box, the typo really collectable and desireable?..i know capcom said, they will fix the error asap, but can some of you seasoned collectors let me know for collectabilty and value sake, should i keep it as an "investment" or should i return it, if typos don't matter..btw, i am a sealed collector,.if that means anything..any solid advice from someone in the know, would be appreciated..also everyone else is also more than welcomed to chime in..but i want to know if in the past something like this is "typo" worth holding on to?..

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