Dead Space 3 Limited Edition

Platform: Playstation 3 Edition: Limited Edition Format: 1
Published by EA
Released in United States on Feb 05, 2013 at a price of $59.99

The Limited Edition of Dead Space 3 comes in a standard case and includes a DLC content code for the online pass and day one access to the following in-game content:

  • Witness suit
  • First contact suit
  • Evangelizer weapon
  • Negotiator weapon

The Limited Edition is a “first edition” release meaning that all pre-orders and release day purchases are automatically upgraded to the Limited Edition.

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Dead Space franchise.


  1. DoctorX:
    Dead Space III:
    Dev Team Edition:
    PS3 & 360 & PC:
    Visceral Games:
    Release Date:
    100 USD And 160 USD with full game:
    Limited to 5000:
    * 13" SCAF Tin Crate
    * 8" Ployresin Black Marker Statue
    * Aluminum Data Pad
    * Med Pack Water Bottle
    * Bound SCAF Jotter
    * 3 SCAF Posters
    * 6 Peng Postcards
    * 96 Page Mini Art Book

    Preorder at
    Pictures : :

  2. DoctorX:
    Every edition comes with numbered metal plate. International delivery also available at EA Store. International delivery cost 40 usd.

  3. Evilhawk:
    i to would although $75 is a mighty steep shipping price

  4. LowlyAssassin:
    I like the themed contents in this pack

  5. DoctorX:
    1899 Left at stock 5 mins ago. Its gonna be sold out pretty, pretty soon.

    EDIT : Not sure if that 1899 copies is only a max preorder limit.

  6. Matt16:
    My orders in!! I really like everything about this.

    If anyone's wondering, it's just cost me $28 for shipping to the UK.

  7. motarules:
    To Portugal cost me 40 USD. It seems it varies a lot from country to country.

  8. Letrico:
    Great I was waiting for a dead space 3 special edition

    Mother of god 99 dollar shipping

  9. Letrico:
    what the hell no shipping to australia?

    Oh what the one with game cost 99 shipping. add on itself is 43...

  10. Letrico:
    The box is quite huge..


  11. tonybsg:
    Ordered! Been waiting for a DS3 Limited Edition!

  12. thefunk007:
    Order locked in!

  13. thefunk007:
    1820 left now

  14. Letrico:
    I still dont understand why the bundle including game cost 56 dollar more for shipping.

  15. SwiftDeath:
    Originally Posted by Letrico View Post
    I still dont understand why the bundle including game cost 56 dollar more for shipping.
    While I do think that's utterly ridiculous, it's more than likely due to the fact that the game and CE/Dev Team edition ships separately

    So basically they're saying it costs them 56 dollars to ship a standard sized game to Australia which again is dumb

    I would recommend just getting the add-on version as it's pretty much made for your scenario

  16. Viridius:
    anyone know if EA take payment stright away or when the item ships?

  17. thefunk007:
    Yeah I added the edition + the game in the first instance, but the price without the game was only $28 - you can get the game easily enough anyhow so I am not worried.

    Although customs might hurt a little

  18. Madigan:
    Wow this is fucking nice, thanks for sharing it

  19. evilvort3x:
    my question..... is it 5000 ADD ON ALONE or 5000 of each if that makes sense? like 5000 with ps3 etc etc

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