LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Special Edition

Platform: Playstation 3 Edition: Special Edition
Format: 4
Published by Disney Interactive Studios
Released in Australia on May 19, 2011 at a price of $98.00

The Special Edition of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean comes in a large box and includes the following:

  • LEGO Brand Pirates of the Caribbean The Video Game
  • LEGO Brand Pirates of the Caribbean Exclusive Mini Figure
  • Mini Strategy Guide
  • LEGO Club Free Membership Offer


The Special Edition is exclusively available from ebgames  in Australia and New Zealand only.

Other games with Collector's Edition releases from the
Lego franchise.


  1. gurpswoo1:
    Added to database

    Available on DS, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii

  2. Gemini-Phoenix:
    I guess this is an Australian exclusive, as i've not seen this anywhere in the UK

  3. The Darth:
    HMV is doing an offer where you can get the Lego minifig of Jack Sparrow if you pre-order the game. Not quite as good as the Australian version unfortunately.

  4. matze1975:
    Same here in Germany at Gamestop

  5. gurpswoo1:
    I guess this means that only Australia is getting the special edition.

  6. PrestonLad:
    Amazon UK have bonus DLC with their pre-orders.

    "Pre-order LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean with us at before 23:59 on Thursday, May 12 and you'll receive a code to download playable characters Blackbeard, Phillip, Mistress Ching and Ammand."

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