Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Limited Edition

Platform: Playstation 3 Edition: Limited Edition Format: 1
Published by Konami
Released in United States on Feb 19, 2013 at a price of $149.99

The Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Limited Edition comes in a box and contains the following:

  • Official soundtrack on cd
  • Limited Edition 2-sided Steelbook
  • ¬†High-frequency katana blade plasma lamp

metal gear solid rising revengeance

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  1. Raasclark:
    Full Game Name: Metal Gear Rising
    Edition Name: Collector's Edition
    Platform(s): TBC
    Region(s): TBC
    Publisher: Konami
    Release Date: TBC
    Price (RRP): TBC
    Bar Code: (if known)
    Package Description:
    Content Description: The Metal Gear Rising pack will include the game, its soundtrack and a "High Frequency Plasma Lamp" with a replica of Raiden's blade plonked in the middle
    Link(s) to source(s):
    Other Info/Pics:

  2. Raven:
    That looks cool that I bet it's just a cheap, tacky and plastic lamp =p

    Will pre-order depending on price and more information.

  3. Madigan:
    A lamp.... great... thanks capcom.

  4. Raasclark:
    Originally Posted by Madigan View Post
    A lamp.... great... thanks capcom.
    It's Konami dude

  5. Madigan:
    That's the joke lol (capcom and konami are the same shit nowadays, you'll see that joke on multiple forums)

  6. TheVoidDragon:
    A lamp? At least it's something fairly original. It doesn't look very good though.

  7. adam1289:
    A lamp is kind of a weird thing to include with a collectors edition. When I read that there was a collectors edition I was like then after seeing the picture I was like

  8. goonergaz:
    I dunno, I like it (click on X for a different pic)

  9. Raven:
    ^ yeah I don't think it looks that bad and original but I want the OST more =p

    depends on ₤₤₤₤ though

  10. Dymblos:
    lol.. that collector suck

    is like the RE6 Collector.. XD

  11. Vlad:
    Doesn't look awful, if it's a reasonable price I'll order it.

    Although it seems like a bit of a risky thing to include due to how much could break on it, I can already see a ton of folk getting a broken one, heh.

  12. Twisted:
    unfortunately, these types of cheap toy lamps, sometimes tend not to work at all out of the may see a lot of them sold defective, for a sealed collector,..if you waited awhile to open yours only to find out the thing does'nt work right or at all, your pretty much shafted and stuck with it.

  13. web_slinger_62:
    Sold out on

  14. vhal_x:
    It's not sold out webslinger, I think it's just not been listed properly yet xx

  15. Letrico:
    well ZoE HD collectors already sold out. That was quick lol

  16. toxicatom5:
    Originally Posted by Letrico View Post
    well ZoE HD collectors already sold out. That was quick lol
    For anyone still looking: videogamesplus still has this in stock.

  17. comaamen86:
    says out of stock but can be preordered, will not ship to uk $149.99

    Limited Edition includes: a full copy of the game, official soundtrack, Limited Edition 2-sided Steelbook, and an exclusive high-frequency katana blade plasma lamp

  18. Twisted:
    i doubt this is just NTSC exlcusive..i'm sure they'd announce a PAL edition soon enough.

  19. alxyamaguchi:
    Edit: $150? No fucking way. I just wanted the steelbook

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