Catherine Love Is Over Deluxe Box… Unboxed!

If you’ve pre-ordered the Love Is Over Deluxe Box for Catherine, here is what you have to look forward to, if you haven’t pre-ordered it well … here’s what you’re missing.

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  1. Matrix6:
    A beautiful presentation and everything in the CE appears to be quality! Been waiting for this all year, can't wait for mine to arrive

  2. Queen of Mudcrabs:
    I laughed when he struggled with the game case. And the music that played in the background is really catchy It looks like a good CE even though there is so little content in it.

  3. gurpswoo1:
    Nice - It looks like the pre-order bonus is inside the first press of all collector's Edition.

    That will add serious value to those if a second batch is ever made.

  4. Mike1888:
    What an awesome unboxing video! One of the best I've ever seen. I LOLed at "I actually don't know why I unboxed this far........"

    I just pre-ordered

  5. twistedsymphony:
    I'm considering pre-ordering a 2nd copy to keep sealed.

  6. SquirrelRaper:
    Most certainly buying a second copy, so I can keep one sealed. I can't wait for Tuesday. :3

  7. Mike1888:
    Game is getting superb reviews, I'm excited to play it too

  8. Matrix6:
    I thoroughly enjoyed playing this after finishing it a few days ago, loved the CE contents as they're actually practical I hope to see Cosplayers using the contents in public (just need to find those sheep horns )
    I'm waiting for my Xbox360 CE version to arrive to semi-complete the set. Perhaps if the "alternative" covers get really cheap I'd also get them later.

  9. mosavon:
    What kind of game is this? havent played or even heard of it before

  10. Matrix6:
    It's actually a Puzzle Game with added story and with animated videos to accompany the storyline which I believe was executed and presented perfectly for whatever genre it is.

    I can't think of a game to compare it to, but you basically (for gameplay parts) climb towers or block and reach the exist at the top. Along the way are treacherous and dangerous enemies and obstacles to either avoid or knock off or get around.

    It has a pretty deep story where some of your inputs/answers from choices depend on the outcome of the game/ending. You would really need to invest time on completely concentrating on the puzzle game as it may infuriate you at it's level of difficulty even at Easy mode for n00bs such as me and would only be more difficult at hard difficulty settings. Like Atlus' Demon's Souls, you will die a lot!! Hehe.

    It's an enjoyable game, but not for everyone as I reckon many will just give up on it. New comers and first playthrough will take around 15-20hours of gaming pleasure. Hope that kinda helped?!?

  11. Matrix6:
    Wow, I had no idea this game hasn't been released in PAL region EU/UK yet, I just found out it'll be releasing in Feb 2012

    on teh flip side, we get to have both covers on each format

  12. Pielord:
    they weren't even going to release it until some apparent up roar which led to them only recently deciding they where going to market it in the EU.

  13. fattyuk:
    guess I'll have to invest it that althought I'm just waiting for my ps3 CE to come through the post.

    it's just a dumbed down version of the CEs tbh! as the Xbox and ps3 CEs look superb together with the diffrent artworks!!

  14. Neilikki:
    Originally Posted by Matrix6 View Post
    Wow, I had no idea this game hasn't been released in PAL region EU/UK yet, I just found out it'll be releasing in Feb 2012

    on teh flip side, we get to have both covers on each format
    That's great and all but I want to have a collector's edition in Europe too

  15. Onyxia:
    I'm actually jealous. I really wanted the cover with Katherine rather than Catherine, but at the time I only had a PS3. I wish they had let us pick, haha.
    Hope you guys will get a CE as well! Fingers crossed!

  16. Saturn:
    PAL collectors edition just announced! Great

  17. gurpswoo1:
    Originally Posted by Saturn View Post
    PAL collectors edition just announced! Great
    I see no mention of this, do you have a link?

  18. Rashmeet:
    Originally Posted by gurpswoo1 View Post
    I see no mention of this, do you have a link?

    not bad, especially the price

  19. gurpswoo1:
    This limited edition offers the following extras:

    An exclusive T-Shirt that is a replica of the Rave-T-Shirt that Vincent wears in the game
    Two Stray Sheep bar-themed coasters
    A seductive Catherine poster that is exclusively available in this deluxe edition
    A pizza delivery box from the Stray Sheep Bar that serves as the packaging for all the extra items found in the European deluxe edition
    Where is the Soundtrack and Artbook.

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