Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Set

Platform: Xbox 360 Edition: Collector's Set
Format: NTSC
Published by Capcom
Released in United States on Sep 18, 2012 at a price of $149.99

The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set comes in a large collector’s case in a cardboard slip cover and includes:

  • Street Fighter X Tekken Game Disc
  • Super Street Fighter IV Game Disc
  • DLC code for:
    • Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition (Full Game)
    • Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix (Full Game)
    • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Costume Collection (Over 100 Costumes)
    • Street Fighter X Tekken Character Update
    • Street Fighter X Tekken Complete Swap Costume Collection
  • 8in Light-up Ruy Statue
  • Two Disc Blu-Ray set Featuring:
    • “I am Street Fighter” Documentary
    • Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
    • Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind
    • Super Street Fighter IV Original Video Animation
    • Street Fighter: The Animated Series
  • 11 Disc Soundtrack:
    • Street Fighter
    • Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
    • Street Fighter Alpha 3
    • Street Fighter III: Third Strike
    • Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
    • Street Fighter X Tekken
    • Fan-created Remixes and Originals
  • 64-Page Hardcover Art Book
  • Embroidered Full-Size Ruy Belt Replica
  • Individually Numbered Letter of Authenticity

Pre-Order Bonus:
Those who pre-ordered through the Capcom online store also received a Street Fighter themed lanyard.

Photos contributed by: Twistedsymphony

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  1. Ryu Kazama:
    Full Game Name: Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Set
    Edition Name: Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Set
    Platform(s): PS3, XBox 360
    Region(s): NTSC US
    Publisher: Capcom
    Release Date: September 18
    Price (RRP): $149.99
    Bar Code: (if known)
    Content Description: Games

    -Street Fighter X Tekken (including all character and Swap Costume DLC)

    -Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (with all costume DLC)

    -Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

    -Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition


    -New documentary Blu-ray that highlights the lifelong love affair fans have had with Street Fighter, and how their dedication has affected the game.

    -Street Fighter IV, Super SFIV anime movies

    -All episodes of the Street Fighter animated series (DELICIOUS!)

    -Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

    Light-up Ryu statue

    -Brand new statue with light up base. Eight inches tall and frozen in mid Shoryuken.

    11 disc soundtrack

    -Game music from the past 25 years, including remixes and fan-created music.

    64 page hardcover art book

    -Containing pieces from fans all over the world.

    Ryu's belt

    -Full size martial arts black belt for the aspiring World Warrior. Includes Ryu's "Furinkazan" in kanji.

    Certificate of Authenticity

    -Like any good collector's set, this comes with a lovely piece of paper telling you how limited and special it is. They're all individually numbered, so get one before they disappear! Arrives on September 18.
    Link(s) to source(s):
    Other Info/Pics:

  2. vhal_x:
    Was about to post this. Asked Capcom where it will be available to preorder, but I assume it'll be Capcom store only. Hoping for Amazon though so I can order it. If not, I'll need help xx

  3. joynulk:
    oooooh i do want this

  4. Ryu Kazama:
    It's a must get for me. Thankfully it's not until September so plenty of time to save up for both formats and maybe a third to display that Ryu statue. It's a shame not every game could be included but what a nightmare that would be to financially make possible.

  5. vhal_x:
    If it's on the Capcom store though Ryu, payment will be taken upfront I think - so definitely hoping it's Amazon that get this xx

  6. Ryu Kazama:
    Does the Capcom store ship internationally? May not even be shipped outside of US from Amazon, either. I'll figure it out either way.

    Also, I imagine the statue to be made available separately, or perhaps a non-light up version to be made separately similar to a different Ryu statue already out.

  7. Likey:
    Sounds insane - I want!

  8. vhal_x:
    No I don't think they do, the wouldn't ship RE:ORC to me, so I doubt they'd ship a bigger item like this

    Yeah, I imagine though that Amazon would ship it, as I ordered the Tournament Edition from Amazon and that shipped okay... Hope it's the same xx

  9. Likey:
    OK, I really want this now!!!

  10. Ryu Kazama:
    heh, yeah... some of the content could be better but SF is SF. I wonder if DMC will get a 10th anniversary thing...

  11. xpl0sive:
    Holy crap! need this! Hopefully someone from the US can help out those of us who don't live there (either that, or hope amazon gets stock and ships internationally).

  12. SquirrelRaper:
    Any word how many are being made?

    I'm thinking 5000.

  13. Raasclark:
    I need this too!! Stoopid that it's US only. Why? Capcom why?

  14. Dreamcazman:
    I'm hoping Amazon are able to stock this, I need one too.

  15. AmericanBash:
    According to a conference call I was on yesterday. GameStop is looking to finalize details to be taking preorders for these in the near future.

  16. Amnoz:
    It's available to North America.

    Set my per-order today

  17. web_slinger_62:
    certificate shows that there are 10000, dunno if it will change or how it applied to the two consoles but we'll see

  18. Raasclark:
    Got a pic? Wouldn't mind seeing a close up of the certificate

  19. Madigan:


    I see a 30,000 there

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