Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition

Platform: Xbox 360 Edition: Special Edition Format: NTSC
Published by Capcom
Released in United States on Mar 06, 2012 at a price of $69.99

The Special Edition of Street Fighter X Tekken comes in a cardboard box and includes the following:

  • Prequel Comic book created by UDON Comics
  • Build-it-Yourself Arcade Bank (5″H): An easy to assemble model kit with decals that represents old-school arcade cabinets. Store your quarters (and more) for your next challenger.
  • 36 GEM Power-Ups: Includes the WORLD WARRIOR, IRON CURTAIN, LIGHTNING LEGS and Special Edition Exclusive KING OF IRON FIST GEM packs for a total of 36 to customize your playing style.

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Street Fighter franchise.


  1. twistedsymphony:
    *** Added NTSC Special Edition for PS3 and 360 ***

  2. Ambrose:
    I've noticed these are selling in the UK now from Zavvi and Play

    It doesn't seem you get the Udon comic with them though. Does that sound correct ? Strange though considering I thought this was going to be a US exclusive and now it's turning up in the UK.

  3. vhal_x:
    It's also available at GAME, had my preorder with them for a good month or two now... Kinda worried though considering what's happened recently... xx

  4. Ambrose:
    Yeah that's true, it's still available at both those places though. I just wonder are we getting the one with the Udon Comic too or is that only for the USA.

  5. Doomer:
    I'm not finding this bundle for sale on Amazon US =(

  6. gurpswoo1:
    Originally Posted by Doomer View Post
    I'm not finding this bundle for sale on Amazon US =(
    it is here:

  7. Doomer:

  8. Ambrose:
    This collectors edition is absolute rubbish. Just seen an unboxing of it. The comic is in the manual! Check it out.

    Guess I'm cancelling my preorder then.

  9. Solemn_In_Berlin:
    Talk about a special edition that's not really special at all.

    But what did we expect? This is Capcom we're talking about.

  10. Ambrose:
    Hah yeah that's true. Should of expected this from capcom. I did expect the comic to not be in the manual though.

  11. Raasclark:
    Game aren't selling this now

  12. Ambrose:
    That sucks for game. They will have no games left at this rate.

  13. Ambrose:
    Did anyone get this game ? I cancelled mine because it looked rubbish from the unboxing videos.

  14. gurpswoo1:
    No I stop bothering with Beat Me Ups CEs since Street fighter 4 CE. it will fall in price in no time.

  15. Ambrose:
    Yes that's true. I'm guessing this one will drop in price a lot, may be worth picking up for £20 max.

  16. vhal_x:
    Considered cancelled but ot it for £40 so figured I'd just keep it xx

  17. DemonATX:
    Put up my own unboxing video for this

  18. sleepwalker:
    Street Fighter x Tekken: Special Edition (PS3, Asian)

    Cards are suprisingly of a very high quality. There is one for each fighter, including Cole and all the other guest characters.

  19. Ambrose:
    I was considering buying this Asian version too. I wasn't sure If I'd understand the game though. But everything seems to be in English from the pictures. Is the game all in Chinese though?

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