Tales of Hearts Anime Movie Edition

Platform: DS
Edition: Anime Movie Edition Format: Japan

Published by Namco Bandai
Released in Japan on Dec 18, 2008

The Anime Movie Edition of Tales of Hearts comes in a standard DS cover.If preordered the Anime Edition got you a “Viva Heartful! Tales of DVD”, which contains:

  • Chat Drama, featuring the characters Shing(Hearts), Kohak(Hearts), Yuri(Vesperia), Emil(Ratatosk), Ruca(Innocence), Ashe(Abyss), Guy(Abyss), Barbatos(Destiny 2)
  • Tales of Festival: Tales of Hearts Stage Video
  • Tales of Hearts Opening Movie (Anime)
  • A promotion video of the Tales of Series’ lastest work
  • Information on a new project by Bandai Namco Games

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