inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition leaked

Recently let leak information regarding an upcoming “Hero Edition” of inFAMOUS 2. The listing has since been pulled but the $99 edition was slated for a May 24th release and included the following content:

  • 8.5″ Cole MacGrath statue
  • DLC Super Voucher which includes:
    • Lightning Hook Power
    • Electrocution Grenade Power
    • Kessler Skin
    • 24K Gold Amp Weapon Variant
  • Mini inFAMOUS #1 comic
  • Official soundtrack

Thank you to everyone who sent us this tip.

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  1. Mandingo:
    Do want. I can't wait to see actual pics of this Hero Edition.

  2. gurpswoo1:
    This edition looks very nice, at $99 it's looks like a good deal. especially when you consider the poor EA edition going gr $60.

  3. DaSaru:
    Do want. Very Much.
    So there's no backpack or is that gonna be an exclusive somewhere?

  4. Mandingo:
    Pic incoming:

  5. Mike1888:
    Woah! Looking great! I love when they come with statues/figures. I'll be getting this for sure, I love infamous.

    But um, getting the classic "...Cannot be shipped to this address". Guess I'll have to wait for this to pop up on for preorder, unless they make it available to Canada later.

  6. DaSaru:
    That figure is looking good(though i thought he'd do a more superheroic pose or whatever)..and that bag makes makes this at least a more value for money edition.

  7. harisnikolop:
    Any info for Europe preorders?

  8. Mandingo:
    Originally Posted by harisnikolop View Post
    Any info for Europe preorders?
    I'm not sure if any European retailers have this Hero Edition listed yet, but it is indeed coming to certain PAL territories, and appears to be slightly better than the NA version, as it comes with a -Special Edition- copy of Infamous 2:

    inFAMOUS 2: Packfront Unveil, Special Edition & Hero Edition!

    Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ

    Hi guys,
    I’m really pleased to share with you the brand new packfront for the upcoming PS3 exclusive from Sucker Punch Productions – inFamous 2! Check it out below:

    inFamous 2 continues the saga of Cole MacGrath as he takes a dramatic journey down the coast to the Southern city of New Marais, where he faces a new, darker entity, known as “The Beast.”
    Throughout his journey Cole is once again faced with the moral choice: to use his extraordinary abilities to save all of mankind or follow a more chaotic and destructive path.

    inFamous 2 introduces advanced superpowers, an improved melee fighting system, destructible environments, a vibrant, dense and interactive city with over 100 simultaneous characters on screen, and much much more.
    Come launch, for you fans out there, you will be able to get hold of the inFamous 2 Special Edition which will have a stunning HD 3D lenticular cover. Check out the good and bad variants below:

    In the Special Edition you will receive a voucher code to download the following exclusive items:
    • ‘Electrocution Grenade’ limited edition power
    • ‘Original Cole’ skin
    • ‘Golden Amp’

    For you true inFamous fans out there, we are also producing a limited “Hero Edition” version which not only includes the Special Edition, but also a replica of Cole’s sling bag, a Cole figurine, limited edition comic book, soundtrack and all of the pre-order/promo powers (phew)! Check it out below.

    The Hero Edition will be limited it quantities and only available in certain PAL territories – so please check with your local retailer for availability.

    Finally, we also have the following pre-order bonuses which will be available at select retailers.
    • ‘Lightning Hook’ exclusive power
    • ‘Kessler’ skin
    • Original Soundtrack

    Again, please check availability with your local retailer.

    EDIT - Source:

  9. harisnikolop:
    Thanks for the info.however, i checked all major european websites and there isnt anything available.

  10. Mandingo:
    Yeah, posters on the EU Playstation blog website are saying the same thing. I guess it will take some more time before these HE's start to pop up for pre-order.

    I would definitely check regularly, as the official blog states there will be limited quantities.

  11. DaSaru:
    so the hero edition is the hard to find one..guh.

  12. scourdx:
    Looking good. Sony at least didn't mess up their CE.

  13. gurpswoo1:
    Pre-orders in Australia are up

    Still no sign of UK one which is really annoying, maybe we won't get it.

  14. harisnikolop:
    Isnt Australia Pal?

  15. gurpswoo1:
    ^ Yes Australia is a PAL standard region.

  16. fod:

    they deliver to the uk

  17. harisnikolop:
    Originally Posted by fod View Post
    Yes but its from N.America. The game itself is region free but you wont be able to buy dlc since its region-locked.

  18. heavenzzzz:
    pre-order is up in France at

    so i guess UK will get it very soon.

    but i can't believe the price...

    same as

    This is not only 99 dollar= 99 euro conversion, but also 30 euros more...

    is sony crazy?

  19. gurpswoo1:
    Thanks for the heads up fod, I really want a local version in case it arrives damage, retrun postage is expensive to Ireland. Of course if it's not released here then I will have no choice anyway. Thanks

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