Biohazard 5 Limited Edition

Platform: Playstation 3 Edition: Limited Edition Format: 3
Released in Korea on Mar 13, 2009 at a price of W89,000

The Limited Edition of Biohazard 5 comes in a premium box and includes the following content:

  • Biohazard 5, regular edition with numbered sticker
  • Resident Evil Degeneration
  • The Making of Biohazard 5 DVD
  • Biohazard 5 Art Book

A total of 3,000 copies were produced between the PS3 and 360 releases.  1,500 per console.

This edition was exclusive to and was sold out 3 hours after being offered for pre-order.

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Resident Evil franchise.


  1. Icek:
    Full Title: Capcom Special Biohazard 5 Kit
    System: PS3/X360
    Region: NTSC J
    Bar Code:
    Release Date:
    Release Price (RRP/MSRP):
    Content Rating: ESRB M

    PS3 BIOHAZARD 5 Game w/ Blu-Ray Disk 'Making of Biohazard 5'

    Selection Track CD (Soundtrack)
    Anti-Virus Vaccine w/ Tricell Logo in Aluminum Capsule 2GB USB-Memory Stick
    Biohazard 5 Artbook Collection (Color, 32 pages)
    BSAA 2 Way Waist Pouch
    (Pre-Order) *Bonus* Tricell Company Business Card Case w/ Biohazard 5 Logo

  2. Mandingo:
    Very nice. The Japanese market gets the best CE's, it seems.

  3. lhurgoyf:
    *** Playstation 3 Region 3 Limited Edition Added to Database ***

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