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  1. There needs to be a Video Game CE section
  2. Resident Evil 4 tin (GameCube)
  3. Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition (PS3)
  4. List of all Known PS1 CEs
  5. PS2 - Devil Summoner 2 Bundle
  6. Pokemon Platinum - NDS (HMV exclusive version)
  7. xbox360 Pal CE i own that are not on the database.
  8. Tekken 6 xbox360 PAL LE & CE editions
  9. Assasin's Creed 2 PAL xbox360 Black Edition
  10. Need For Speed: Shift Collector's Edition xbox360 PAL
  11. Section 8 Collector's Edition?
  12. List of Editions that are Better for one Console or another...
  13. PSP Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star PSP
  14. Playstation Collecting
  15. PC PC Sales Charts: Probing Uranus [PC]
  16. HMV Cardboard sleeve exclusives
  17. Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands may come with 'classic' bonus
  18. PSP Lunar: Silver Star Harmony dated for retail and PSN
  19. PSP Japan Still Gorging On God Eater [Sales Get]
  20. PC The Settlers 7 Gold Edition detailed, ready for pre-order
  21. Mafia II - Collector's Edition Rumors
  22. PSP Here's Dead or Alive Paradise's special edition
  23. PC Report: Silent Hunter 5 recalled in Germany over swastika use
  24. PC Contest: Win autographed Supreme Commander posters
  25. The best, and worst, LE's and CE's
  26. PC PC Collecting Forum
  27. List of all Known GameCube CEs
  28. PSP MGS: Peace Walker Out June 8 with Limited Edition PSP Bundle
  29. PSP MGS: Peace Walker getting special edition PSP bundle
  30. PSP Two Tales of Phantasia Remakes Hitting PSP
  31. PSP Tales of Phantasia X bringing two classics to the PSP
  32. PC Tales of Monkey Island DVD docking at retail this spring
  33. PC PopCap to offer a limited celebrity edition of Bejeweled
  34. PC Civilization V getting Extreme Diplomacy mode
  35. DS Capcom is giving away a Miles Edgeworth DSi!
  36. PC Blood Bowl is going to get legendary
  37. No, you can't have this special edition God of War III
  38. PSP Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker 'Big Boss' Pack Sneaks Stateside [PSP]
  39. PC Star Craft II Special Edition
  40. PSP MGS Peace Walker Collector's Edition: $50, has artbook
  41. PC Conan: Rise of the Godslayer dated for May 11
  42. Halo Reach CE
  43. PC StarCraft II expansion Collector?s Editions possible if ?fan excitement? is there
  44. PC Civilization V gets Steam-exclusive digital deluxe edition
  45. Call of Duty: The War Collection spotted online
  46. The Reason Fable 2 CE Was Sooooo Bad.
  47. PSP Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep gets Western release date
  48. Former industry exec believes special editions are the future of boxed titles
  49. Is Batman: Arkham Asylum really better in 3D?
  50. PSP Ys Seven limited edition, 'Name in Game' contest
  51. PC Big Fish Games carries CE?
  52. PC Final Fantasy XIV date, collector's edition announced
  53. PC StarCraft II CE unboxed in video, internet has little wank
  54. PC Civilization V goes classy with its special edition
  55. DS Okami's DS Sibling Goes Overboard With Its Collector's Edition [Ds]
  56. PC PC: Mafia II includes Steamworks, pre-orders get original game
  57. PC DC Universe Online gets Collector?s Edition, Hamill and Conroy
  58. PC Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition out now
  59. PSP Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep gets special edition
  60. Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition Coming to Europe
  61. PC UK to miss out on Mafia II Collector?s Edition for PC
  62. PC Blizzard Reveals World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector's Edition
  63. DS Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light: Box art, preorder
  64. PSP Contest: Win a Limited Collector's Edition of Ys SEVEN
  65. PSP Ghost of Sparta special edition PSP isn't a PSPgo
  66. DS Deal or No Deal With Suitcase
  67. PC Sims 3 Delux Edition
  68. PC Eve Online: Commissioned Officer Edition
  69. DS Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Defenders of the Core Collector's Edition
  70. PC Empire: Total War to get Gold edition
  71. PC Elemental War of magic Limited Edition
  72. PSP There Will Only Be 6,000 Physical Copies Of DJ Max Portable 3 [Release Date]
  73. PSP DJ Max Portable 3 Limited Edition
  74. Here Is Halo Reach: Briefcase Edition [Xbox 360]
  75. PC Pre-order Civ V Deluxe Edition through D2D get Civ III
  76. PSP Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Gets Final Mix Treatment
  77. 29th October 2010 - Collector's Edition frenzy!
  78. PSP Wait, what? Japanese idol group AKB48 gets a dating sim
  79. PC Darksiders PC: Three ways to buy, three separate bonuses
  80. PC Unboxing The Fancy Edition Of Civilization V [PC]
  81. PC There Are Zombies On Blood Bowl's Lawn [Fantasy Football]
  82. PC Unboxing The Fancy Edition Of Final Fantasy XIV [Video]
  83. PC Is This Is The Worst Bundle Item Ever? [Final Fantasy XIV]
  84. DS the legend of zelda phantom hourglass limited Edition Pre-order only
  85. UFC 2010 Knockout Pack
  86. Most valuable and wanted Games
  87. PC WoW patch 401 goes live today, Cataclysm collector?s edition DVD detailed
  88. Are complete edition really special
  89. PSP Japanese God of War: Ghost of Sparta comes with a hat
  90. Wings of Prey Collectors Edition
  91. Press Kits, do or don't?
  92. PSP Ys: The Oath in Felghana Premium Edition
  93. PSP PSA: Final Weekend to pre-order Ghost of Sparta to get Ultimate DLC Bundle
  94. DS New Ace Attorney Game Coming to Japan in February
  95. Kinect Collector's Editions???
  96. PC Those who pre-order the Darkspore Limited Edition get an early access bonus
  97. PSP You Won't Misplace This Jumbo-Sized PSP Game Box [PSP]
  98. PC EVE Online: Commissioned Officer edition hitting in December via Namco
  99. PSP Lord-of-Arcana-Slayer-Edition - PSP
  100. PC The Witcher 2 Collector?s Edition outed by GameStop
  101. PC Witcher 2 Collector Edition
  102. 2010 Collector's Edition Awards
  103. batman arkham city collectors edition
  104. PSP Tactics Ogre (PSP) Pre-Order Bonus!
  105. DS Disney Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force Collector's Edition Bundle
  106. DS Zhu Zhu game Collector Edition for DS
  107. DS Beyblade: Metal Fusion Collectors' Editions
  108. DS Bakugan Collector Edition
  109. PSP Black Rock Shooter: The Game confirmed for PSP
  110. PC RUSE : Pro Gamer Limited Edition (PC DVD)
  111. PSP White Knight Chronicles: Dogma Wars gets Japanese release in February
  112. PSP Valkyria Chronicles III's DX edition gets you a sweet cup
  113. www.wecollectgames.com/
  114. PC Super Meat Boy gets super special edition and super cover art
  115. PC A Glimpse at EA's Employee-Only Version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit [Special Editi
  116. Deux Ex delayed, likely after April now.
  117. PC Total War: Shogun 2 getting 'limited edition' release
  118. Some issues in the PAL 360 list
  119. Collector's Edition Box contents question
  120. PSP Final Fantasy IV Complete Limited Edition (PSP)
  121. PC The Rift Collector's Edition Is More Than Just A Fancy Riding Turtle [Collector's Edi
  122. Most Wanted CE's in 2011
  123. PSP Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection dated, priced for Japan,
  124. Killzone 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2 get bonuses at 7-11 Slurpee machines
  125. PC Shogun 2 UK pre-order incentives detailed
  126. PC RIFT set to release on March 1, founders sub program unveiled
  127. PC Dawn or War II: Retribution Collector's Edition detailed
  128. God of War III ultimate edition. How is it packaged from the factory?
  129. Two Worlds Royal Edition UK strictly limited
  130. PC Bloodline Champions axes VIP membership
  131. PC Dawn of War II: Retribution gets Aussie release date
  132. PC Crysis 2 Nano Edition PC only 50 left at EA store
  133. PC The Sims Medieval Deluxe edition
  134. PSP Persona 3 PSP to be published by Ghostlight in Europe
  135. PSP P3P Collectors Edition coming to Europe
  136. PC Indie game winner Gemini Rue getting release on February 24
  137. PC Adding PC games to the Database
  138. PC Special Edition Super Meat Boy soundtrack out now
  139. PSP The 2nd Super Robot Taisen Z Limited Edition (PSP)
  140. PC The best and the worst CE you own!
  141. PC Tales of Monkey Island Collector?s Edition trailer
  142. PSP Earth Defense Force 2 gets double UMD pack
  143. Electroplankton for DS 1st edition sealed question
  144. PC Cult Classic The Last Express Finally Available to Buy
  145. Tales of Eternia Online Sealed box, Namco. Heard of it?
  146. The PlaystationCollecting.com Youtube Channel with collection vids and more!
  147. PSP Tactics Ogre Special Edition for Europe (PSP) (PAL)
  148. PSP Europe gets Tactics Ogre PSP on Feb 25, premium edition
  149. PC IL-2 STURMOVIK: Cliffs of Dover to launch on March 25
  150. PC IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover - Collector's Edition
  151. A strange mark on Deadrising 2 Xbox360 CE
  152. PSP The 3rd Birthday Twisted Edition PAL
  153. Publishing a Collectors Edition book
  154. Return of the king...
  155. Tales of Graces F Coming Soon?
  156. Dead Space 2 - Collectors Edition
  157. Dead Space Ultra Edition
  158. PSP The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky Limited Edition (PSP) (NTSC)
  159. UK cargo for Two Worlds II ?wrecked?
  160. Infamous 2 collector's edition
  161. PSP Get Slaying With LORD Of ARCANA Today
  162. The Conduit 2 Limited Edition Wii - NTSC + Extended PAL version
  163. PC Homefront Voice of Freedom Edition German Exclusive
  164. List of All Known Dreamcast CEs
  165. List of all Known PS2 CE Releases
  166. List of all known Sega Saturn CEs
  167. List of all known Xbox 1 CEs
  168. PC Buy Rift at Walmart, get an exclusive in-game pet
  169. PC Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel
  170. PC The Sims Medieval Collector?s edition announced for Europe
  171. PSP Dissidia 012 (Duodecim) Final Fantasy: Legacy Edition
  172. PSP Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy dated for March 25 in Europe
  173. PSP List of All known PSP CEs
  174. DS List of all known DS CEs
  175. PC List of all known PC-DVD CEs
  176. PSP Ys I & II Chronicles Premium Edition (PSP) (NTSC)
  177. PC Broom slick ? Witcher 2?s Tomasz Gop gears for launch
  178. Divinity II Pre-order Bonus (360) (NTSC)
  179. Homefront pre-order bonus! (U.S.)
  180. Crysis 2 Nano and Limited Edition Question
  181. PSP Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Special Edition for Europe April 22nd
  182. Record of Agarest War: Zero Limited Edition
  183. PC Heroes of Might and Magic 6 Collectors Edition
  184. PC What are some psp games that have small filesizes?
  185. Crysis 2 Nano Edition - X360 (PAL)
  186. The Collectors Experiment: Are you gamer enough to join in?
  187. PC Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga
  188. PC Need for speed hot pursuit ea crew edition
  189. Need for speed hot pursuit ea crew edition
  190. PC Driver San Francisco Collector’s Edition
  191. PC Deus Ex: Human Revolution Collectors Edition
  192. PC Men of War: Assault Squad Limited Edition - Out Now!
  193. PC Crysis 2 Nvidia Maximum Graphics Edition - PC (North America)
  194. This www.gamegears.co.uk site...
  195. Assassins Creed Pre Order Pack UK
  196. PC Value of Morrowind CE?
  197. Zelda 25th year what are you hoping for?
  198. Guide to ordering from game4game.at
  199. PC Big box Warcraft 3 release?
  200. Day One Limited & Special Editions - Worthless after day one?
  201. VGA grading
  202. PC Magic Sword of the Legendary Warrior 5 (Collector's Edition) (Chinese) (DVD-ROM)
  203. PC Duke Nukem Forever: Fully Loaded Package
  204. Zelda Twillight Princess Demo
  205. Gears of War 2 CE and more
  206. Limited Edition Gears Of War 3 X360 console announced at E3!
  207. 8bit & 16bit CE releases... anyone know of any?
  208. Is Metroid Prime Trilogy collectors worth £20 on wii?
  209. Must. Stop. Preordering!
  210. Does anyone else...
  211. Omgomgomg!
  212. Heads-up - Gold Wii-mote Plus rumoured to be packaged with Zelda: Skyward Sword
  213. Game.co.uk
  214. Dead Rising 2 high stakes edition
  215. Ohhhh dear...
  216. Bags have replaced figures as CE bonuses!
  217. Sealed Two Worlds Collectors Edition
  218. Assassin's Creed series
  219. Bethesda announce Skyrim pre-orders will have cloth map
  220. what does game is boxed mean in the Game buisness Language.
  221. LE or CE for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record?
  222. Need advice on which CE to cancel.
  223. The King of Collectors: Full Playstation 2 NTSC Library Sealed
  224. Up and coming games that could have a limited Edition
  225. F.E.A.R 3 Press Kit
  226. NCAA Football '12 - EA VIP kits
  227. Lara Croft Will have collectors edition
  228. best place to get collectors editions
  229. Show us your preorders!
  230. Are you kidding me!?
  231. So confused.
  232. Star Wars: The Old Republic CE
  233. Ubishop
  234. Modern Warfare 3
  235. Pricing between UK and Canada
  236. Where are my PC-Collectors Editions?
  237. Cross Platform CEs with different Covers.
  238. Space Channel 5 ... Trying to build a complete collection
  239. Not a CE, but definitely Collectible, but how much so?
  240. Does this exist?
  241. What Games did you break your "RULES" for?
  242. Shin Megami Tensei CEs, preorder bonuses, etc.
  243. Driver San Francisco Collectors Edition - PC - UK Cancelled!
  244. Xbox 360 Xbox Live Arcade Games on Physical Discs
  245. WRC Rally World Championship - slipcase help needed
  246. Incredible Video Game Collection's
  247. Assassins creed collectors edition.
  248. Stores
  249. Ebay rip-off
  250. PS£ Deus EX HR CE packaging farce