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  1. Michael Jackson's Arcade Collection Up for Auction
  2. Custom Painted Street Figher IV arcade Cabinets Auctioned for Charity
  3. Which Collector Edition do you perfer?
  4. Cheapest & the most Expensive Collector Edition you ever spend
  5. Press Kits
  6. Replacement Slip Covers
  7. Last CE/LE/SE you purchased or got
  8. Speak-Up On Kotaku: Damaged Packages, Missing PS2s, Bad Science, And Cheating [Speak-
  9. Don't You Hate How Much Space Special Editions Take Up? [Screengrab]
  10. Japanese Search Terms
  11. Halo Legends Hits Blu-ray, DVD Today... Who's Getting It? [Halo]
  12. Judging The Covers Of Games, And How To Make Them Better [Feature]
  13. My Expertise: Collecting
  14. What do you look for in a CE?
  15. Coca Cola Lite LE
  16. How not to get me to wear your videogame promo shirts
  17. How do you Store and protect your collection?
  18. Tomato products on collectors editions
  19. Looking for someone in the states to build a business relationship with (Sry4dblpost)
  20. Shipping from UK to US
  21. How to get USA colector's editions to Europe?
  22. What's the value of?...
  23. The Worst Collectors Editions you have ever seen
  24. Avatar Limited Extended edition Blu-ray movie
  25. Other great collections u found on the internet
  26. Anybody here from Madrid/Spain?
  27. Sealed or not sealed - That's the question
  28. The non game Collector's Edition thread
  29. Disgusting Amazon delivery policy
  30. Bioshock: Rapture novel due in March
  31. Packaging
  32. How do signed & autographed affect items?
  33. Warning about Ebay member Animecast:
  34. A Sad Collectors story and food for though.
  35. The BIG where to get.... thread
  36. Take a stance, what should a collector's edition include
  37. My Recent Thoughts On Collector's Editions
  38. Do You Prefer Your Collector's Edition Goodies Physical Or Virtual? [Speak-Up]
  39. Shelving suggestions
  40. Video game novels
  41. Video game comic books
  42. Collecting CE's - Thoughts in general
  43. Convincing retailers to price match via Twitter
  44. What bonus items do you like to see in a CE?
  45. What CE's would you change, & how?
  46. Sealed vs Open
  47. Rules that All CE makers should follow
  48. Absolutely Insane MGS Collection
  49. Your Limited Edition top 3 (in your collection)
  50. Problem with GameGears, need your opinion
  51. Zavvi or the Hut
  52. DVD Slip Cover Wraps?
  53. Why do eBayers drive prices.
  54. Crappy seals, what to do?
  55. Rate The Retailer
  56. Grr, eBay.
  57. We should do something ignorant eBay sellers
  58. Protecting Blu Ray Cases?
  59. In Too Deep: A Collectors Reflection Upon Life
  60. What is your "One that got away"
  61. Dealing with auctions ending at a bad time?
  62. Ebay Question
  63. list of online sites that ship worldwide
  64. Thinking of becoming a collector!
  65. Shiiping question
  66. What's to come of collecting?
  67. Sealed vs. Unsealed Collection
  68. Share your Horror Stories of things that were damaged during shipment
  69. Collector's Edition Guides and Artbooks
  70. Popeye 1933-1943 Collector's Tin
  71. Scratches and scuffs!! :rant:
  72. Oh how I do wish the post would hurry up!
  73. Amazon.de Seller
  74. What's your 'collecting' pet hate?
  75. Money, money, money...
  76. What Editions are you...
  77. How many LE's / CE's do you own in total?
  78. Displaying your collection
  79. Lol!
  80. Anyone Confirm Contents?
  81. How do you keep track of your CE's?
  82. Pre-order bonus list!
  83. After some advice - shipping from US to UK
  84. Would you...
  85. Storing Lithographs
  86. Protective Art Sleeves
  87. VGA grading
  88. Batman Beyond Arkham City Skin?
  89. Batman Arkham City trading topic
  90. There's something strange this year.....
  91. I highly recommend "yamato-touch.com"
  92. Arkham City display
  93. Import tax to the UK?
  94. Import tax to the UK?
  95. French Collectors Editions
  96. i'm sick n tired of SHIPPING FROM ABROAD!!!
  97. Where to get old gaming magazines
  98. will our collectors editions be WORTHLESS!!?? in the long run?
  99. how do you set limits for yourself?.are you obsessed?
  100. Anybody here into Strategy Guide CEs and hardbacks ?
  101. Anyone else keep reptile's, amphibian's or spiders ?
  102. what should I do
  103. my nightmare scenerio with clubnamco.com just does'nt end.
  104. 2012 CE Wishlist
  105. VGA grader legit?
  106. Get rid of glue
  107. Protection Sleeves (dark protection possible ?)
  108. How do you feel about collecting in 2012?
  109. Storing Guides...
  110. Need Advice - Experienced US Seller
  111. Whats a true collector?
  112. Vinyl style DVDs?
  113. Noob explanation please. What is 'grading'?
  114. How to know Legit signed items from counterfiet ones?
  115. Import Prices
  116. Another Solaris-Japan Raffle:Win one of 4 Persona 2: Innocent Sin Original Soundtrack
  117. Ebay cheater?
  118. Zavvi and damaged items...
  119. 1st ever CE or steelbook
  120. What was YOUR first ever CE?
  121. OH NO!
  122. Video Game Tat: Limited Collector's Edition
  123. A fellow Korean's INSANE Star Wars & other movies collection
  124. Promos, Press kits, preview copies etc
  125. Where would be the best place to sell Pokemon Cards?
  126. Is collecting modern games pointless?
  127. Game UK in administration - information and help., will update
  128. What are is the value for this Assassins Creed the Fall comic?
  129. Might Ape - Preorder Payment
  130. What do you find the most frustrating about collecting
  131. kickstarter
  132. Has anyone else gone holy shite when realised how much they have spent?
  133. Anyone know a website from EU (or any other country) to will ship to USA?
  134. Anyone know of a cheap postage/courier service from US to Australia
  135. Need Help - The Walking Dead - Standard Comics
  136. Trouble at the Homefront
  137. Warning About Buying From Yamato Touch
  138. walking dead season 2 collectors
  139. Protective sleves for PS1 games?
  140. When Getting An Item Autographed-Keep or Ditch The Shrink Wrap?
  141. Can press kits / Promo items be graded?
  142. Amazon customer service
  143. Is it wrong to do this?
  144. Must have CE?
  145. Press Kits
  146. What is the holy grail of collectables?
  147. Shipping from the US
  148. My Guide To Poly Bags and Protecting Your Collection
  149. DEV Software
  150. Plastic box protection?
  151. Do many Blu-Ray movies get CE's?
  152. Is this a sign of things to come?
  153. So what are we left with?
  154. OMG - Avengers 10 Disc CE Set!
  155. Star Wars
  156. E3 2012 discussion
  157. Anyone have information about
  158. http://www.game.co.uk
  159. What is your most treasured item?
  160. Comic-con 2012
  161. Okami HD Japan Retail help
  162. is this jut a fad?
  163. how do you display?
  164. LEGO Mindstorm NXT 2.0
  165. Do you spend more time collecting than gaming?
  166. Oh the horror... Kill me now..,
  167. preorder or bargain bin?
  168. Best PSP and PS3 press kits
  169. Where do you order UK import games?
  170. Can anybody recommend a cheap UK forwarding website?
  171. ups Ground
  172. I, Robot. Ltd Edition Blu-Ray UK
  173. Anyone from the US going to the SacAnime convention?
  174. The one that got away.
  175. terraria collectors edition
  176. How to store Collectors Edition/Press Kit
  177. Any info on this WoW subscription card.
  178. *Help!* Buying from Allegro (Poland)
  179. Pre-order MADNESS!
  180. Price Guide
  181. Infamous 2 Press Kit
  182. Exposing the price in fowarding
  183. Exporting from australia
  184. Indiana Jones The Complete Adventures (Limited Edition Collector's Set) [Blu-ray]
  185. Harry Potter Wizard's Collection Box Set (Blu-ray + DVD + UV Copy)[Region Free]
  186. Collection Intervention- Syfy Network US
  187. Losing an eBay auction
  188. Anyone ever got a #1/xxx Limited Item
  189. Help a noob out? =]
  190. Godfather Trilogy: 40th Anniversary Boxed Set
  191. Capcom Europe Online Store
  192. Video Games Software Management
  193. Anybody used these guys before?
  194. advice from italy please?
  195. Holy Grails of Collecting
  196. Need suggestion for game datase software
  197. Dark Knight Rises CE
  198. VGA Sliding Bottom Acrylic Cases
  199. Is everything for sale in your collection (for the right offer)
  200. Assassin's Creed III Collectors Guide
  201. How much of your disposable income do you spend on CE's / press kits a month?
  202. Skylanders Giants
  203. The main reason behind chosing a particular CE
  204. Assassin's Creed 3 Press kit
  205. Halo Waypoint Store Open For Business
  206. CollectingAsylum.com - Unboxing Vote!
  207. Displaying a collection
  208. Shipping to USA
  209. Do not support the vga!
  210. what's begining to piss me off is...
  211. The Walking Dead - Limited Comic Box season 1 2 blu ray
  212. Anyone collect guidebooks?
  213. TOns of differnt clear folders from Japan.
  214. do you collect anything outside of games and dvds
  215. Who wants to trade currency?
  216. Anyone know where to buy replacement game cases?
  217. Out of space
  218. What items do you most want to get in 2013?
  219. Why did you start collecting?
  220. Two questions
  221. Anyone got/know of any the Last of Us stuff?
  222. No wonder GAME went bust
  223. Safest way to send a slipcase in the mail
  224. kickstarter CE ideas
  225. Namco/ Badai Store
  226. Do you collect anything else?
  227. Collection websites
  228. VGQuality A new VG Grading Service
  229. How do you keep your collectibles?
  230. provenance? how too
  231. Get it opened mint, fook yer mint conditions pish
  232. will it hold its value?
  233. Where can I sell couns online?
  234. Is your collection worth more or less than you paid?
  235. Am I missing something here? USPS Forwarding Service
  236. Massive US International shipping rate increase
  237. Bioshock 2 Collector's Edition Strategy Guide.
  238. Want to start collecting, worried about decay
  239. What is your RAREST collector item?
  240. Dead Space Graphic Novels
  241. Look it this.
  242. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm - Strategy Guide Collectors Edition
  243. Comic books
  244. Collectors edition/hardback game guides
  245. Pokemon Cards
  246. Playstation underground demo discs
  247. Collector/Limited Edition strategy guides
  248. Tomb Raider Pop-Up Stores in NYC and SF
  249. CGA Custom Cases
  250. Playstation 3 game cases